It’s that time of year again when the birds practice for migration. They fly at a chaotic pace and in chaotic patterns as they seek the leadership and order necessary to take them where they instinctively know they need to go. It won’t take long for their efforts to prove both there is no leader, nor one needed. They fly as one, as both the leader and the follower, and just need to trust their instincts.
But me, I just like to watch them practice.
— rAveNswAn

Still celebrating my having finally gotten Through the Kindness of Ravens onto a bookstore's shelf, I am blogging the poem In the Dimension of the Chaotrix from the This Journal Belongs To Jakeb Hoke collection included within the novel.

This may be the first in a series from Through the Kindness of Ravens - The Evolution of Hoke's Focus.


In the Dimension of the Chaotrix


Led by birds’ eyes

Through sky’s invisible matrix

Chaos in control

To control the chaos


Like a school of flying fish

Behind the atmosphere’s fishbowl glass

It’s a chaotic matrix … a chaotrix

Through which they flow in mass


Where vision collides with blindness

The genius with the mindless

Through the dimension of the chaotrix

In a synchronized array of aerial tricks


Their logic seems illogical

Hard for us to understand

Our blinders, pathological

Wingless, locked by land