I like naming poems as much as writing them, and sometimes will find myself skimming through the Table of Contents just for scheister and giggles.

The titles to the poems are the microcosm of the macrocosm, a book cover to a book, so judge these poems by their covers and let me know if any catch your interests.

What is neat about it is how the titles support their respective stories told, but may take you somewhere completely different than where your judgement misled you.

Here are some of the titles...judge away...

The Coin Toss
Between Me and Success
To Fill Classic Latin’s _oid
Putting a New Spin to a Gold Story
The Tug of War
Bullies Beware
Window Pain
The Murder Mystery
War Drive
Mental Dams
Sans Electricity
Sentry for a Century
Well-weathered Currency
Listen To What They Say
Finding Heaven
Baboon Rock
Screech Bam
Return the Takes with Gives
Lasting Impressions
Westbend Car-leidoscope
What’s In a Name?
Behind the Jester’s Grin
Was Night’s Eye Upon Me
Our Love’s No Guggenheim
Life in Myopia
… For Holdin’ Hands
Crickets and Cowbells
Up-posites Attract
We’re Right Until We’re Wrong
Her Head is in the Clouds
And Thus, They Are Asses
A Waist of Time
Above Higher Ground
Find the Sense in Nonsense
Absence Lets the Heart Beat Longer
Frigid Bridget Meets the Icebreaker
I’ll Wait for You
On the Road to Happiness
Within the Confidence of Wolves
The Back of a Wrong-Way Sign
How It Is So Good
The Welling of the Tears
You’re Being Shellfish
Rome Wasn’t Ruined in a Day
I’m in Denial
The Story Behind a Cloud
The Alchemist Turns Old to Gold
Plastic Man
The Intended Destination
What’s That Smell?
The List of Things I’ll Never See
I’m Smiling Upside-Down
I Followed Someone Guilty
Lost In My Words
Memories of Amy
Stem Sell Research
A Cry for HELP
I Am But a Snowflake
All Beginnings Signify Change
Thanks for Nothing
Before Its Fury Kills You
The Grass is Greener
Throwing Away the Future
Says the Brainstorm-chaser to the Breadcrumb Taster
Insight Into the Minds of Blind-men
The Daze of the Weak
What’s the Big Idea?
Do the Right Thing
Captain Champagne Was His Name and What They Toasted Was Named the Same
Nobody’s Fault But Thine
If No One Cares, Make Someone
If I Had a Nickel
The Little Engine That Couldn’t
The Bluebird is Blue Blind
A Senseless State of Being
More Than Just Tracks of Steel
The Quiet Voice is Silent Now
Blinded by the Shadows of Thoughts
The Escape of My Inner Dialogue
Washington’s Beehive
The Limits of the Infinite
The All-Seeing Eye Cannot See
Fortuitous for Two of Us
No Bread for Bread
Take Your Shots
Dirty Work
The Wallflowers Don’t Bloom
Did He Do Right
Sing Your Song
My Thoughts Had Wrapped Around You
The Ghost of Westminster Gabby
November Gold
End of Story
My Pot of Gold
Kudos to the Depth of a Song
Innocence Lost
The Cloudman
Cupid’s Arrow Missed You
...And She Answered by the Name of Virtue
It Fits Her to a ‘T’
The Innocents and the Unawares
Her Eyes On Horizon
24 Palms To Make a Man
The Louve Song
Adding Some Charm
Your Sun Is Setting
Seeing Red
To Be the Fire and the Ice
Trying To Find a Place To Land
From Seneca’s Declaration To Bee, To the Advice of Paolo Toscanelli
Thinking Outside the Box About Mans Place In It
Sticky Sweet
Sir Prize
She Is The Sun At Night
Catching Lightning With My Hands
I’m An Off-a-billion-aire
Full Measure Pompousassity
Most Of It With A Smile
String Of Lies
I See You
Tryin’ To Shake The Devil Outta Me
…Save For Me
Tears Of The Silver Lining
You Add An Un- To Grateful
A Taste For Survival
If You Were A Location
But For The Knives
Photo Negatives
In Time You Will Find Me
In The Wind These Words
On A Path To Tomorrow
Albert Fitch Gillooly
Vexata Questio
All I Have Left To Make Things Right
The Integrity Of Need
This Is Not A Test
Down The Rabbit Hole Carving The Path Obscura
Last I Checked, Forever Never Ends
Follow The Pen
Dusting For Prince
The Dishonorable Judge Public Fury
Calypso Cries
'Til They Pull Earth's Blanket Over Me
They Are Your Dice To Throw
The N’er-Do-Wells
We Are The Eyes
Take Appropriate Action
The Ghost Inside
Sir Ender
In This World Of Numbers
This Is Not A Test
What Any Good Boomerang Would Do
In Negative’s Reverse
No Raw Lands
Adriana Anabella Peave
A Snowflake In The Cycle Of A Tear
It’s Life In Between
Uhhh, Yeah, I Said That
At The Bus Stop Waiting For The Us
Just One Touch
Telephone Disconnected
Reflections Off Perceptions
Just Ask The Bayonets
A Dark And Scary Story
Darkness Fell
Big Brother Darkness
Saving Grace
One Hundred Smiles South Of Yesterday
A Headstone At The Corner of Whittaker And Water
The Riddle Of Jason D
Ms. Led Now Mrs. Home
The Sounds Of Fear
From Shadows Fore To Shadows Past
Made In The Shade
She Dots Her Tees, She Crosses Her Eyes
The Key To Life
Boom Boom…Boom Boom
Still It Feeds Me
The Witness
Six Feet Tall And Six Feet Above Six Feet Under
What Do You Think You Know About Love?
Atticus The Songbird
The Darkness Of A Star That Met Its End
I Spin, I Step, I Lean
The Recipe For A Hero
Like A Storm
Love Lost In The Shadows
Come A Time
The Stained Glass Window
The Untied Status Of America
A Balance Of Tricks Between Towers And Sticks
Satisfying Her Needs
Ripples Around The Sun
Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Not Yet
Forever Is Never Not
If I Invent My Way To You
The Number Sea
Ripples Around The Sun
When Our Paths Cross Again
Perfection Is A Star
I Know What It’s Like
An Angel’s Heart In The Devil’s Hand
Yang’s - A Not So Dark But Scary Story
She Thinks She Is My Sun
At First Whistle Blow
…Is A Writer Never Read
Puttin’ On My Best Bono
I’ll Get You There
September Sailors
You + Me = We
I Can Tell
A Balance
What A Waste
Keep Your Promise
It’s In The Cards
Deaf Ears Drown
Two Seeds
Espiritus Mundo
Do We Have What It Takes?
I’m In The Right Lane
Let Me Count The Ways
Gotta Draw The Line Somewhere
Address 0
What I Won’t Do For You
Creative Farmer
The Right To No
Small-town Dear
Things I Don’t Stand Under
Please Show Me Your Wings
The Somedays
A Whole And Unfettered Wind
As It Hits The Spot
There’s A Penny In Your Shoe
As If They Even Had Knees