Set By The Pendulum Swing


In the swing of summer

On a summer swing set

Watchin’ the swingin’ summer sun set

Over the dusk calm  lake


With my girl Summer

Gonna place a bet

Gonna set that sun

And it won't even get wet

Each swing I take

Gonna help the sun set

Just me on my

Pendulum ratchet swing set

Just rockin’ it on my

Pendulum ratchet swing set


But will Summer take

The summer sun set bet


Summer took that bet

But she raised it a bit

See she was rockin’ her own

Pendulum ratchet swing set


Summer, set upon

The summer swing set

Together watchin’

Ratchet swingin’

The swingin’ summer sun set

Over the dusk calm lake


But will it take…

The ratcheted summer sun set


Summer’s counter bet

Came with a twist

In the summer sunset loom

I got the gist

To raise the moon

With her pendulum ratchet swing set

I'd find out soon

Not soon enough to catch it


With her eyes on

The horizon

The lake

And the prize

With the grin in

Her eyes

And her victory cries

The sun

It still loomed

But the moon on the rise

Summer set on a win

While the summer sun still set

Upon the dusk calm lake

By summer swing set ratchetin’


Only now


Over a dusk calm lake

And the new moon’s wake