If you can conquer darkness, you are one up on your shadow, as it cannot conquer light.
— rAveNswAn

Of The Light, It Was Scared



In the shadows, I run

To hide from my own

But one step into the sun

I am found, no escape

From my dark mirror clone


On the surface

He seems innocent enough

On the surface

Mocking my every move

But below the surface

Be it smooth or rough

Across a brick wall

Or riding the sidewalk groove

I’m not so sure

A shady character hid

He’s not so pure

And where does he hide

When I’m running in fear

And from him in the shade


In the shade

Hid from my eyes

In the shade

But always

Right there by my side

Mended, where he hides in plain sight

Connected to me

He’s tied

Though camouflaged by

The absence of light


To face my dark side

From the shade

I jumped out

While facing my fear

I finally figured out

It had a fear all its own

And it could not jump out

As the light hit face bared

It stayed hidden behind me

Of the light, it was scared