Catching Lightning With My Hands


I now know

What I must do

It will not be easy

But that is nothing new


Like counting the tyrannized

Grains of sands

Or catching lightning

With my hands


He owns the cards

Recognizes the faces

Deals heavy hands

To keep us in our places


But now it is he

Who has forced my hand

So count him out

As you count the sand

For his sands of time

They are quicksand

And as each grain counts

For each grain you see

As oppression’s pressure mounts

Pushes back to be free


So as he is pulled

Down by the sands

They lift me up

To bid my plans

To catch the lightning with my hands

To catch the lightning with my hands


And though the catalyst

Now me

He brought it on

And soon will see

As King

He brought his own demise

The Suicide King

Seen through mine eyes

A king who will not live to see

The coronation of the free


The price is life

The price I pay

To let freedom see

The light of day

For lightning spares

Not king

Nor sands

Who try to catch it

In their hands


But I will gladly pay the price

And make my final sacrifice

For freedom, it is never free

But by paying the price

I will finally be


It is not for credit, nor for me

And none of the living

Those soon living free

Will have witnessed the sacrifice

Made by me

Catching lightning with my hands


They will be too busy being free

Counting their blessings

And their sands

They will be too busy

To think of me

Catching lightning with my hands