Grassy Halls Lined By High Corn Walls



Rural road

Post autumnal equinox


Catch a glimpse

A hidden trail

Between fields of stalks

Cornfield walls

Surrounding meandering grassy walks


But the harvesters

The harvesters are there to expose them all

They combine to combine

Cut down the walls that compose them all

Take down all stalks that oppose them; fall

Shave the land of its fruits

Leave only barren exposed roots

Outlining what was once

A stalk-lined hall

Standing proud

Standing tall


On each of its sides, a wall

And they won’t stop

‘Til they make the last cob fall


No more

No more

Grassy halls lined by high corn walls

Replaced by fields of corn stalk stubble

Exposing the once hidden grassy halls

Surely led to nothing but trouble


But as if to repent

The farmers are bent

To rework the soil

Their goal as they toil

To sow fields of corn and then

To grow walls of corn again

And so the cycle goes

And so the cycle goes


Forever more

Forever more

Grassy halls lined by high corn walls

There to run

May sound fun

‘Til you find in the fall

Combine teeth eat the wall

Are you the next one

The next stalk to fall



Poe’s wily raven calls



Grassy halls lined by high corn walls