To Fill Classic Latin’s _oid


To save them all from _ictory

To lead them on to victory

Though now in the present

My duty to present

The past this present

To them, from me

I give the “V”


Not the letter

But the sound for “V”

They’ve lacked it 

Throughout history


Because _odka sounds odd, says I

And to put the rest in their _acation

To help their peregrines dive, not di_e

To give their geese a flying formation


I feel it is the least we owe

We screwed up all their months, you know

The Roman year began with March

So start from there, and do the math

That’s why Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec are

Months 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th

Though the prefixes still work fine

We mixed them somewhere down the line

We mixed them, got them all confused

We pushed their months on down the line

Now, instead, Jan and Feb are used

Thus their calendar has been abused


To make it up

For them, from me

I give to them

The sound of “V”