Atticus The Songbird


Go set a watchman

They’re trying to kill a mockingbird

Watch a man

Go down in flames

For another man’s sins

For another man’s shames


“Hang’m high!”

The lynch mob’s words

‘Til the lone finch sang

Sang to save the mockingbird

Innocence was his claim

And he couldn’t watch a man

Unjustly wronged by the wayward herd


He defied the sins of the public

Innocence was his claim

Freedom for the mockingbird

The songbird’s song

The lawman’s words


So go tell the watchman

The finch led freedom’s fight

He had a different plan

Only different in whom saw freedom


Go tell the watchman

A man shed in a different light

Is not a different man

Only different in how we see him


In a different light

Reveal what’s right

Illuminated by the finch’s words

Freedom for the mockingbird

…Until another day

Another fight


But for now

Go tell the watchman

Justice served

They see the light

The finch’s word

Unearthed the lies

The mockingbird

Is free to fly