Please Try Again




Everyone who stands in the sun

Every single one

Has a shadow

A dark side

An anti-glow

This may be news to you

But you are cast in that show

Just as much a part of everyone

Much more than you know


If darkness is what you seek

Then darkness is what you’ll find

In everyone

It’s there

It’ll always be there

But it was you

Brought it up to

The surface of your mind


But you could have sought

The side of the sun

In everyone

It’s there

It’ll always be there

The anti-shadow

The bright side glow

But it’s up to you

‘Cause what you seek

Is what you’ll find


Darkness sought

Darkness got

And what you get

With light forgot

It will be met

With darkness brought

Lost to the balance

No Yin

No Yang

Tilting the scales

Upends the game

It’s a lose, lose

When we need a win

What you seek

You choose

Please try again



Words fell

From Newton’s jaw

Before we fall

Lose to Newton’s Third Law

Please try again

Please try again