Yin, a baby black bear, is afraid of the dark because he cannot see himself.

Hear how he is saved from his nightmare by a black maned knight mare as told by the black and white hare who witnessed it there.

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Yin’s Dark And Scary Story


Yin’s story

A dark story

A dark and scary story

Of a grizzly situation

Some may say

But not quite

Not quite so black and white


But more the black of night

And but a bear

A black bear

For a black bear

In the black of night

Makes a black bear

Not see his hair

Makes a black bear

Feel barely there


And for Yin

A little black bear

Makes a little black bear

Black night



That is…

‘Til Yin’s hero became aware

'Til Bianca

A black knight mare

With her glowing black mare white mane hair

Saved the little black bear

The black night bear

With the black night scare

Of feeling barely there


As for how I became aware

Of the story I now share

Though the story

Not quite so black and white

Can't say that for the hare

Rufus Aexavius Sasparilla

Who claimed he too was there

Hopping in the black of night

With his black and white hare tail

And his black and white hare hair

Told the black and white hare tale

Where he, as I now share

Saw the black night bear

Saw the black knight mare

The black knight mare

With the white mane hair

Save the little black bear

From the little black bear's

Barely there

Black night



What can I say?...

I guess you had to be there!

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