Motive, the Bottom of the Iceberg


The only evidence that may hold the keys

Is the keyhole the Keyhole Killer leaves

A mark, an impression on the victim’s face

A signature, all that is left, the only trace

That creates a link in the victim chain


But otherwise random

But otherwise elusive

Hot on the trail of nothing

Their findings inconclusive


Lacking connection in reason

Lacking pattern in time or place

Lacking evidence, the key to find

The key behind the keyhole face


Their weakness they can only see 

Above the water level of sanity

But the motive dwells beneath the sea

The roots that support the insanity tree

As big as or bigger than the tree they support

The bottom of the iceberg

The roots of a tree

Just that of the frozen, floating sort

Ethan Whipp - The Homocide King

Ethan Whipp - The Homocide King