Sixty-Three-Card Pick-Up


In the standard Bicycle deck

Three in thirteen may produce a face

One in thirteen may produce an ace

Not so in this joker’s deck

The odds are stacked

There’s no safe bet


There may be no ace

But you may find a spade

Used to bury the secrets

Of the serial killer’s trade


Although the dealer’s not playing

With a full deck

He’s dealt sixty-three,

Doubtless more to come yet


He’s discarded sixty-three

Hopefully no more

We want to believe

But we don’t know for sure

And are afraid to see

Just how many more

He has up his sleeve


All are the face cards

Of the Homicide King

All dealt face down on the floor

Victims of the silencing


To beat his next discard

To end insanity’s reign

May our next draw be the saving grace

May our next draw be the joker’s ace