Through Hindsight’s Lens

Grabbing Karma by the Reins

Part VI: The Two-Way Street—Look Both Ways Before You Cross


The spotlight of success

Gets shadowed by the loss

Sucked up by the “black-uum” of success

Everything has its cost


Now drowning in his sorrows

Dwelling on his lessons learned

Lost promise of tomorrow’s

The “Constellation” is concerned


He watches over and over again

The joker’s ace he drew to win

Then, on the thirtyish time

He watched the sixty-third crime

Making an epiphanic connection

For the very first time


A reflection of an officer at the scene

A reflection on the very building

He reflected on to start the chain

Of events led from adventure to pain


What he thought was one-way

Later to be found as two

He would now do the same way

Only the “To” time would be new


He would be in control this time

Know exactly what to do

Thanks to an electronic police file

From its digital time-stamp he would compile

The equation to get a message to

A policeman, specifically the one who

Saw his reflection in a building

At the sixty-third crime scene

While evidence gathering