Sends The Raven For The Sun



The sun

The truth told in open fields

The moon

The lie

For no light it yields


The moon

Tries to look like the truth

Reflecting the light of the sun

Makes it seem

Has a light of its own

But the dark side hides the lies

Those in the woods

Live none the wise


Those in open fields

See through the moon

In its motley disguise

For those in open fields

The light shines through the lies


The raven flies through open fields

Absorbs the light within its wings

The raven’s flight is straight and true

It tells no lies

The Indians knew

Named the raven


The sun

The truth told in open fields

So the raven

He who speaks the truth

Chants the elder Smoking Feather

Medicine bag and bear tooth

Seeking wisdom

Seeking truth


And from the woods

He may feel safe

But knows the truth is lost

Looks to the open fields

Looks of longing

Looks of lust

For the sun

For the truth

Seeks the light he can trust

Sends the raven for the sun

For the sun

The truth told in open fields

The sun

Its truth

The light it yields