To Let You Shine



All I ever wanted

To help the natural beauty

Of your wood to shine


All I ever wanted

Was for the world to see you

As I always have

Was for the world to see you

See your shine


All I had in mind

The world for you

To highlight you

Take the light held in my hand

And shine on you


But they had different plans

They sanded, buffed and polished you

Every edge

Every grain

A complete redo

A completely new

A plastic you


Not a light held in their hands

But a mold to pour their plans


So now I must apologize

I wish that I could just rewind

‘Cause when I look into your eyes

You struggle now yourself to find

The natural beauty of your wood

I know still there

But it’s no good


What makes it the worst

How you believe it too

What they did to you

Is hide the real you


But I want you to know

I see you as I always have

Though the world has failed to see you

I’ll give you all I have

To bring you back again

Every edge

Every grain

The natural beauty of your wood again

And just let you shine

Feel you again

To let you shine