It’s All On You


As your story spun


Sent your life

And those set in your scope


The cost of a seemingly white lie

The cost of a lie

White too, a lie

Darkly amazing to find

And hard to deny

How fast

How far

The ripples unwind

Yet how slow the truth

It lags behind

Will the truth catch up

In time to save

The lives ruined by

The lies you made

Why do people not see

The value in truth?

Honesty is Abe Lincoln

Not John Wilkes Booth

Still the lies get the lines

At the media’s ass-kissing booth

While integrity’s gone missing

And the truth gets the boot

Will the truth

Catch up with the lies?

Will the lies

Catch up with you?

How do you even sleep at night?

How do you think you can smile in the light

Without people seeing right through you?

Translucence to opacity

Stack more lies like wallpaper

Cover them up with each other

Then secure them with glue

But time

It steams the surface

Persistence scrapes away the layers

Until it reaches you

And breaks on through

The glue of lies and players

And it will reach you

At least what’s left of you

But what’s left of you

Not worth the time

Only the truth

The worthy find

Your value lost

The moment you

Decided lies

Worth more than truth

The truth revealed

You pay the cost

You couldn’t afford

When the lies were tossed

Now interest accrued

Crashing down on you

You’ll blame someone else

But we know you

Because lying to yourself

And wallowing in self-pity

All that’s left for a liar to do

To escape the truth

And yet you can’t

Because it’s all on you

It’s all on you