Dark Spots On The Sun



So adamant

About dark spots on the sun


To disagree

Tattoos a mark on every one


Your only proof

You’ve been burned by rays of light


Feeling justified

You spread hate, fear, racism, chaos

Then guilt and lies



And all under the guise

Of a faulty righteousness


But is it wise

To simply shut your eyes

And start making claims like this


Because you can’t see

Dark spots on the sun


Through the darker clouds

You’ve cast on everyone


Your arguments

Hidden under shroud

Of a pointless temper tantrum


Engulfed by lies

Your darker clouds

Are blocking out the sun


So even if 

By miracle

It turns out you were right



For anyone

Through an eclipse looks like night



For anyone

To find dark spots without light


Sound logic is like big foot

Sound logic runs amiss

And any shred of rationality

Adorns the bottom of the abyss


Your hatred painted

Dark spots on your eyes

Perspective so far skewed

To anyone sane

It seems unruly and unwise

To turn and point and scream up to

Now dark and clouded skies

And claim you witnessed dark spots

On the sun and with

Your own two darkened eyes


Until your own dark spots are gone

You’re but a gerbil in a wheel

And nothing good’s been done


Don’t just feel

Because you’re not helping anyone


Please look into a mirror

Before reacting otherwise

Before knee-jerking and crying wolf

Check for dark spots in your eyes


You claim

Dark spots on the sun


My aim

Is not to prove you wrong


Only to make sure

Any dark spots you may spy

Are actually on the sun

And not painted on your eyes