Said A Prisoner In Reply



To those standing on the other side

While grabbing the bars of the cell

In desperation

They shook and cried


Come help us

Save us

Get us outta here alive


We’re entitled to more

But they expect us to earn our lives


Forget your problems

Stop your crying

So you can hear our cries


And get us outta here


Speaking for those on the other side

Amidst true suffering

In total disbelief

Said a prisoner in reply


What is wrong with you

Are you really so dumb and blind

It’s true

Cell bars are in front of you

But you are standing on the outside


You can’t possibly mean

Inside of this cell

Is where you wanna be


Are you standing so close

To the socialist forest

That you can’t see its soldiering trees

Have you lost sight

Of what freedom means

What it means to be truly living free


Wake up

Can’t you see how you are wrong

Wake up America

Because down the path you are going

You’ll end up in this cell with us

History has likened it to hell

If you are dumb enough

To ask for it

It may be just as well


Be careful


Sometimes you get what you ask for


First you fought for your freedom

Now you are fighting to lose it

Have you lost your mind

And now you take it for granted

Have you all gone blind

And so can no longer see 

The bird in the hand’s

A Bald Eagle

The two in the bush

Are vultures

The price of freedom

The difference between


And socialist cultures

The Bald Eagle represents 

The value of being free

If you don’t want it

Then give it to me

I will love it

Like my own child

But the government will take it

Abort it

Freedom is not in socialist style


Said a prisoner in reply

A true prisoner

In reply


So to America

I ask