A Longer Rope And A Taller Tree



Lewis Elford Bannon


Lanky Lou

To me

To you


A dangerous man

A loose cannon

Wreaking murderous havoc

Across the land


‘Til we trapped him

T’weren’t easy

He put up quite a fight

Nothing short of a doozie

Nothing short of his height


And at 7’2

No ordinary hanging tree will do

Only the oak

On the outskirts of town

Gives Lanky Lou enough space

To hang with his feet off the ground


Takes a taller tree

And to have any hope

Of reaching its gallow branch

Takes a longer rope

The usual won’t reach

Borry’ Pucket’s

From out on his ranch


The sweat from Lou’s brow

As the rope makes its way

Over head

On his neck

Goes ‘round

Travels further

Takes longer

Over time

It smells stronger

Falls further 

Until hits the ground


A longer rope

And a taller tree

Even if on the outskirts of town

Won’t fall short

A decision

By Mayor McGee

A decision

That’s perfectly sound


Lanky Lou

Begs to differ

Only Lou disagrees

As he spies

Shorter trees in town


But as for longer rope

Lanky Lou

He agrees

‘Cause he’d run

When his feet hit the ground