Laughter Is The Best Medicine



I called my doctor

Afraid of what she’d say

Prescribe me things

Words I can’t begin to say

Slap on a strait jacket

Carry me away

I’ll never live

To see another day


At first I was afraid

But then this is what the doctor said


She said

Take two Laffy Taffy

Call me in the morning

You just need a couple laughs

It’s nothing too alarming

Pills are just comets

Their tails are full of warnings

Take two Laffy Taffy

And call me in the morning


I did just as she said

Called her back in the morning

She took me right in

Said she’d travelled the world

But no matter where she’d been

She’d seen everything

But found laughter to be

The best medicine


Then she broke out a rubber hammer

Thought she’d test my reflexes

Instead she thumped a funny bone

Everything she does perplexes

She proceeded to tickle my feet

Told me three bad dad jokes

Wrote me a prescription for clown shoes

Then sent me on my way


I never called that doctor again

But to tell you the truth

I have never had to

Though strange

My appointment had not been a loss

She may be no comedienne 

But got her point across

More power in a laugh than a pill

It can heal with no side effects to ill


Laughter is the best medicine