Gavel Down



The circus is in town

The main event is in the House

Who gave the gavel to a clown

Who invited the circus to this House

Whomever did

Please take note

Pull head from ass

Before you vote


Gavel down

Gavel down


Not all that’s goin’ down

No, not all

The IQ’s in the room

Not just a step but take a fall

Unlike the hot air flyin’ ‘round


Gavel down

Gavel down


You’ve got five minutes

But are the questions in your mind

Reasonable, sane or rational

Are your questions worth the time

Not worth the ink on pages bound


Gavel down

Gavel down


Their motives lack integrity

Their words a political mess

Plans to progressively regress

Actions to suppress

Down a path they all agreed

Like lemmings following lead

Off the cliff

Off the cliff and into the center ring


Gavel down

Gavel down


They fight to be the biggest clown

No need

Big clowns, no shortage ‘round

No rational voices to be found

From this circus come to town


Gavel down

Gavel down


A fight they claim they’re winning

But if by stupid luck they win

It’s US who lose the fight they’re in

Please take the gavel away from them 

Tighter gavel control I’m protestin’


Gavel down

Gavel down


Big waste of time and money

So sad, not even funny

Only a clown would invite this circus

Take the gavel from the clown


Gavel down

Gavel down


Gavel down

Gavel down