All Over A Cup Of Joe



A pastry and

A cup of joe

Surrounded by people

I may never know

I have my own purposes

I have my own reasons

An irregular regular

And through this café’s windows

I’ve witnessed all seasons


I’ve seen people come

I’ve seen people go

Some now familiar

Some I will never know

At least we all have

A place we can go

At least we all have

A place we can go


The lonely man

Sits in a corner

A simple hello could stand

Between him and suicide

Such a fine line to walk

On his life he should decide

Hell lonely

Hell only a hello

But it could save his life


A couple tables down

A couple lays down

Through crisis of relation

Their rules of separation


A couple tables from them

A couple tables their plan

Their finances met

Their wedding date set


Like all colours of the spectrum

Are the lives I have not met

Our only connection’s

The coffee we get


A woman sits

Two children

They run around the table

She couldn’t prevent that anymore

Than how they shut off her cable

The third empty seat

It should have been filled

By the loser not there now

Never been

Never will


Full of friends

Full of acquaintances

Shared lobbies

Shared beliefs

Shared hobbies

All shared over coffees

And fresh made pastries


Observations made over

A cup of my own

While I chat with my friends

Some I’ve met

Some I’ve known

The lives we live

The world we know

All over a cup of joe

All over a cup of joe


Now it’s ten o’clock

Time that I head home

As I leave

To the lonely man in the corner

I say hello

Caught off guard

He swallows hard

And how hard was it

The power of a simple hello

All over a cup of joe

All over a cup of joe