The Wrong Light



How many times

Must this story be told

How many tales

Before the lesson is sold

The light from within,

Not the glitter of gold,

Is the brightest to pursue

And that light

It belongs to you


It’s not the lights

In front of your eyes

Certainly none

That money buys

When you find it

Time stops

Yet somehow time flies

Over mountain tops

Across stellar skies

But if to see it

You have to open your eyes


You’ve picked the wrong fight

Because it’s the wrong light


Which facet of the diamond face,

Do you not understand,

Won’t send you on an endless chase

Ignoring your demands

The darkness remains

Never part of your plans

Only light from within

Won’t slip through your hands


You’ve picked the wrong fight

You’ve fought for the wrong light


More bright

But it won’t blind you

Your inner light


Your inner light

Will bind you

But you

You’ve picked the wrong fight

It may be bright

But it’s the wrong light

The wrong light