The Lighthouse of Catatumbo refers to a point in the Caribbean where the river Catatumbo reaches Lake Maracaibo. This area is historically known for its extreme high frequency of extreme it can be seen by sailors for miles thus helping guide them as a lighthouse would.

The Poets' Corner refers to a corner in Westminster Abbey where a number of poets and writers through English history have been buried. I do not remember where I had originally read about it, but one other characteristics I recall is how the sun shining through the Abbey's windows illuminates the corner with a pink hue...a candle to the sun of The Lighthouse of Catatumbo.


September Sailors



September sailors

In the Caribbean

Use the starry night

To navigate the sea, then

Can’t believe

The lights they’re seeing


September sailors

Awestruck with hope

By the Lighthouse of Catatumbo


September sailors

Guided by the natural strobe

Reflecting off Lake Maracaibo


Illume, the lightning

They adorn her

Brighter than

The Poet’s Corner


Night to flash of day

Guides the sailors on their way

Until tomorrow becomes today

September sailors sail away

On a course to October

By way of ‘tomorrow becomes today’

Headings and coordinates

‘Til tomorrow becomes today