Two Love Bugs Flying Into The Light is a story of perspectives, particularly those of an optimist and a pessimist.

I have always tried to look through the eyes of the optimist through life. I know the pessimist's perspective can be just as real, in fact, even balanced as if the yang to the optimist's yin, but that does not mean I have to focus on it. I believe we have the choice. 

I started off my first novel,

Through the Kindness of Ravens - The Evolution of Hoke's Focus 

with the quote,

“The optimist knows the glass is half full; 
the realist, not to drop it.”  - rAveNswAn


That is the perspective I choose.


Two Love Bugs Flying Into The Light


He spent his life flightless

Grew up grounded all the time

And could never see why

So when he grew up

He knew he wanted to fly

But spent his adult life pilotless

Grounded yet again, but this time

Because he could not see well

In a cruel twist of fate

He became an electrician

And though he lived his life grounded

The transformer he was working on was not

And when the volts hit him

He flew to his death

But at least he’d finally gotten to fly


She spent her life out of the spotlight

Grew up in her sister’s shadow all the time

And could never see why

So when she grew up

She knew she wanted to be in the limelight

But she spent her life lightless

Shadowed again, but this time

Because she was not seen well

In a cruel twist of fate

She became a camera technician

And though she lived her life shadowed

The lighting above her was not

It was also not secure

And when the lights finally hit her

She saw the light of death

But at least she’d finally bathed in the light


Their stories seem sad

Their lives seem unfulfilled

And in cruel twists of fate

Both in irony killed

For neither had flown

Nor under light shone

But if you believe that

Based on what you’ve read alone

You couldn’t be further from the truth


They met on school grounds

In the shadows of nightfall

His feet left the ground

The moment he met her

And she’d never stopped glowing since

And the time that they spent

Between the time that they met

And their ironic fates

Was worth more than two lives fulfilled

Now eternally mates

Two love bugs flying into the light