I read that a Bluebird is blind to the color blue. Whether that is true or not is grey, however the thought of it as true blue led to this poem.

The Bluebird Is Blue Blind

Like a bluebird
Is colorblind
To the color blue…
Does a free man not see
What it means
To be free? 

It does not mean
Things in life are free
It frees you not
From responsibility
And of these rights
Among the free
In success there holds
No guarantee
Of house, home, or
Material liberty
Except for
Equal opportunity
To pursue your hearts best
For no man should be
More free than the next

But misinterpretation
Takes it all out of context
To be given for free
What some have come to expect

For blue is a color
A bluebird cannot see
Not a question of fairness
But a natural reality

Yet even the bluebird
If a free man, it be
Is free to invent
A shade of blue
That even it can see

It has the right
Because it is free

But that right
Holds no blue sight
And a blue blind bluebird
It may always be