Honor and learn from the blood trees. Don’t cut them down.
— rAveNswAn


The Blood Trees



Freedom believers

Oppressive deceivers


Now dead

Lives taken

Where battles for freedom once led

On a field of death

On a field of bloodshed

Soaked the earth

Soaked the flag

Seven stripes, now blood red


The field recovered

Used the blood to grow trees

Every leaf in the fall

A soul that it frees


Now life from the death

Blood trees in the field

Blood trees they now yield

To honor the freedom

Fought for in the field

Some fought for our freedom

Some fought for themselves

Need to honor the heavens

And remember the hells


Don’t cut down the trees

For they represent

Sacrifices for freedom

From oppression hell-bent


Don’t cut down the trees

For they represent

The angels from heaven

And the demons hell sent


From the wind through branches

Hear their stories

Take heed

You’ll find that they bleed

Failure to remember

As history commands

Leaves lessons unlearned

And their blood on your hands


Careful where you tap

Learn from the blood-rich sap

What some stood to do

Revolvers, sabers and boots

Held together by confederate glue

Blood from veins to roots

Died to separate from unity

Learn from their souls

Trapped in the blood trees


Careful where you tap

Honor the blood-rich sap

Some stood for you

Revolvers, sabers and boots

Some died for you

Blood from veins to roots

Died so we could be free

In memoriam

Honor their souls

Red stripes of the blood trees

Souls freed

Every fallen leaf

From the blood trees