Someone Is Wrong



Someone is wrong

He swears it’s never gonna happen

But the optimist in her screams

They were always meant to be

So confident she’s right

She says

“I’ll let him come to me.”


Over the years

Their paths cross

As frequent as chance allows

To herself, enough, she vows

As if woven into the fabric

Of a love that was never lost

Their story is the thread

Neither holds the needle

Only the eye of the needle can see

Their story unfold through time as fed


But over time

It’s friends who notice first

Their pattern woven history

They find it harder to deny

How of the two

She’ll prove to be right


Someone is wrong

He said love would never happen

But the optimist and her dreams

Showed it was always meant to be

So confident in their fates

She understands

She patiently waits

“I know he’ll come to me.

And when he comes

To that place and time

I know just where I’ll be.

And even more,

I’ll wear the dress

from the fabric of 

our history.”


Thinks he may have been wrong

Now believes that never

Will happen less and less

Then knows for sure

How he was wrong

The moment he sees

Her in that dress

The moment he sees her

He’s compelled to confess

“I was wrong 

as now I see before me,

within the fabric of our history… 

its future pattern

indelibly woven

with threads of you

to threads of me.”