106 Stairs On A Spiral Staircase



106 stairs

On a spiral staircase


100 million people

Don’t believe they need to climb


They want what’s at the top

Won’t burn their energy

Waste their time

Much prefer living

On someone else’s dime

They’re entitled

They don’t need to climb


106 stairs

On a spiral staircase


All people

I believe they need to climb


Don’t turn back or stop

Inspiration is your energy

I know I’ve made it mine


For those who climb

May hit a wall

But work to earn their time


And those who don’t

Only earn their fall

To land on one thin dime


Don’t worry about falling

Down the spiral stairscase

Worry about not trying to climb

Because only from one of its

106 stairs

You’ll find the best you

The best you there is to find


And at the top

I’ll leave a hint

Of what you aim to find

The fuel of what inspired you

And your spiral staircase climbing mind