A Fool Not Worth Your Smile



The photo was a gloss

It captured your smile

But I could not gloss over

Was a smile

I hadn’t seen for so long

Seems even there

It did not belong

The smile in the photo

I now see

Was not a smile

Intended for me

Not the smile that did not belong

But me


The photo

In its frame

Gave me frame of mind

Surrounding the images

Of another time

When I was yours

And you were mine

As were your smiles


But those photos

Got buried under bad times

Broadsided by the hard times

The you keep yours

And I keep mines


Time may not be

Measured in miles

But the photos seem

So far away

As do the smiles

You used to throw my way

Until I threw it all away

Why did I throw it all away


The photo was a gloss

Captured your smile

But I could not gloss over

How that smile was my loss

On a photo

One of many

So sad to find

I haven’t any


If a picture speaks

A thousand words

I’ve just been reminded

A thousand times

How I am a fool


A fool not worth your smile