Boxes Of Borealis


I bought a bag of sunshine today

Gonna spread it ‘round your world

Buy as many as it takes

To get your happy flag unfurled

Bought a bag of sunshine

It’s not the only thing I got

Two packs of good vibes

A carton of hugs

And a jar of your favorite smiles

Gonna kiss your spirit

Gonna lift you up

Gonna make your day worthwhile

And the piece de resistance

You and I are gonna dance

Under the stars

But much more than this

‘Cause I bought a box of lights from each Borealis

As in the northern Aurora and the southern Australis

And when I set them free

Is when you’ll finally see

The lights

Everything’s gonna work out right

You’ll see everything is fine

And I’ll start it all

With just a little bag of sunshine

‘Cause though you’re pulling an Eeyore

When I’m done

You’re gonna change your mind

When I’ve made it down my list

Gonna end it with a kiss

Dancing under the stars

And my boxes of Borealis

You, me, Aurora and Australis

From my boxes of Borealis