No Less Than Diabolical



Parents of students college sent


Take heed of how your money’s spent

For seeds of knowledge

Your intent

But weeds of bias, malcontents

Supported by your dollars spent


It’s costing you a fortune

And truly a misfortune

To find you sought an education

But got, in mix, misinformation

In essence, college tuition

Redirected as political donation

Corrupting, warping

The youth of our nation


Their political money-laundering

Nothing less than criminal

Their blatant bias actions

No less than diabolical


And patrons of mainstream media

Take heed of the messages they send you

For seeds of knowledge

Your intent

But weeds of bias, an understatement


Freedom of speech for all, you see

Should come with responsibility

Again truly a misfortune

You sought an education

But got instead, misinformation


They’ve bought the major stations

For their political indoctrinations

To corrupt and warp the sheep of our nation


Their political money squandering

Nothing less than criminal

Their blatant bias misrepresentations

No less than diabolical


This country’s supposed to be free

That’s the way this country’s supposed to be

But we must never leave these facts unguarded

Even internal threats must be regarded

Just as much

If not more

I underscore

This, I implore


Because complacency and time

Allow the threats to undermine

The rights and freedoms we hold dear

Attacked by ignorance, hate and fear


Maintain a vigilant defense

On both sides of the border fence

But know this

The border fence only helps

Keep us secure without

Not from poison within


Infecting media and schools

Prey on the weak, young or vulnerable

Turn them into puppets and fools

They are victims

Backs turned to their attackers

Whose fingers point at freedom-backers

All the while making hollow offers

With their other hand deep in everyone’s coffers


And I have to say

I find it all

No less than diabolical