They’ll tell you they are pumpkins

Bright and orange

Lovely pumpkins

Filled with seeds of promise

It’s all lies, it’s just a game

They’re more like jack-o-lanterns

Hollow, barren jack-o-lanterns

But they are jackass-o-lanterns

Giving the real jack-o-lanterns a bad name


Devoid of value

Integrity starved

Emptied of all their pie value

Before their faces carved


But look through their empty eyes

Peek beyond rotten hollow smiles

They stole the seeds of donation

From the coffers now empty pockets

Promised to benefit the nation

But made sure they had exhausted


Fueling the flames in their eyes

Not to fuel the energy of productive action

But to burn the evidences of lies

And the ashes of their promises

Rise up before your eyes

Fueled by donations, reallocations, taxes or otherwise


When will we ever learn

That kind of politician is a jerk

Their government programs never work

That rational minds

And not emotions

Move the mountains

Fill the oceans

Won’t fill your head with the ridiculous notions

Of stripping rights

And dreams of socialist nations


While they empty your pumpkin of its seeds

Only the politician’s mouths it feeds

But it can’t fill the insatiable greed

Of jackass-o-lanterns


Save your piece of the pie

Save your seeds

From the jackass-o-lanterns