Life Goes On



Well that was weird

Not sure what happened there

Now the air has cleared

But it had come out of nowhere

Then simply vanished

Into thin air


And only I saw it

Only I noticed it had been there


No one will believe me

But what I saw

It rocked my world

Changed my life

In that moment

In that breath

Changed the meaning of life


It was gone

As fast as it had gotten there

But I watched it long enough to see

How it was every bit as much in awe

When I realized the instant

It saw me


In that moment

We connected

In a flash

Though disconnected

Left the universe dissected

All I thought I knew

Fallen apart

Status quo

Now a lost art


But as I move forward

And still

From that moment forward

Life as I know it

Still goes on


And though it felt awkward

From the message sent

Life’s questions, fears and mysteries

Once straight in a mind now bent

Once here

Now gone

I’m left with nothing to hold on

But to enjoy life

In all its miracles

Life goes on