Stay off your cell phone while driving as it deserves the least of your attention.

The Witness



A blackbird perches on a tall reed of grass

The tallest at the edge of the highway

It squawks in protest at the cars flying past

Pay attention and you may just make another day


They either never heard

Or maybe

Just can’t understand bird

But all he got in response

A tail-feather fluff

From their tailwind draft

And once

A wave from a girl

On her cell as she laughed

While she sped her car past


She didn’t laugh long

The car took a turn

Where a turn did not belong

The bird’s, the only eyes to witness

The laughing girl’s swan song

As laughter turned to screaming

And all right had turned to wrong


Its bird-head shook in sadness

It wished it had been wrong


But all the bird could do

Was bird-like things

To you or to me

Its pleas

The melancholy song it sings


So the accident’s only witness

Did just that

It plucked an under-feather loosed

Ruffled the rest

Then flew away to a safer post


And when the sheriff arrived

Found the driver had died

She looked for evidence and witnesses

As evidence upon the dash

She found the cellphone

Found it smashed

But found no evidence of witnesses

Just heard a lonely distant squawk

And wished the lonely bird could talk

As it may well have been

The only witness at the scene


The sheriff shook her head in sadness

The sheriff wished she had been wrong

Screech Bam



 “Yeah, I heard what he said to her

He’s such an ass,

Doesn’t even care.”

“Hold on while I switch sides.”

“OK, did you hear abut the party tonight?”

“Sounds wild, will you need a ride?”

“Before we go, we’ll grab a bite.”

“It’s supposed to cool tonight,

Watch it’s a hundred degrees

And I’ll be sweatin’ in my new top

And Caribbean blue capris.”

“Do you think he’ll be there tonight?”

“I saw him at the last party,

But with you-know-who in his line of sight,

Blocking his view, I know he never saw me.”


If you were only looking

At what should have been

Your line of sight

A car, whose light was green

Not yours, you ran the light

Screech, bam, the last sounds

The green-light driver heard alive

His name was Mike, and if still around

You could ask him the priority, talk or drive


Since you cannot ask Mike, ask yourself

Now not on a cell, but within one

Which was more important

Your mind on the call

Or your eyes on the road

If you could redo it all

This time you’d get off the cell

Get off the cell and drive

I’m sure Mike would agree

If he were only still alive