What Number Are You?



When you look in a mirror

What number do you see?



A 2 sees a 5

Clears space on the shelf

For trophies it will never win






A 5 sees a 2

Thinks less of itself

Won’t believe it can ever win





Neither will do

Don’t be a 5 or a 2

Think you see one

Then please look again


When you look in a mirror

What number are you?


If a 3, 4, 6, 7 or 9

Find you have it backwards

All of the time

You either think things are great

Or not so very fine

Only to find your fate

On the other side

Of the number line


But 0, 1 or 8

Though they may have it right

Not necessarily great


The 0 sees nothing

Looks back with regret

At the life never lived

At the people never met


The 1 sees it’s best

But it goes to their head

Jumps every hurdle

Passes every test

But can’t get past the ego

Inflating its head



But the 8

Oh, the 8

Sees them self

For who they are

For the 8 sees an 8

And to it

They can relate

They do their best

At being an 8, then

Push ideas of perfection

To the outer rim

To attain that

They know

They’d have to be a 10

But they are happy with

The state of 8 they are in


When you look in a mirror

What number do you see?

What number are you?

Is it the number that you see?

It may or may not be