I like making completely nonsensical connections seem plausible and make twisted sense. 

It comes easy because most of this stuff is right there and ripe for the picking. The everyday phrases that, when you strip them of their cliche'-ic intention, then tie them to the absurd...well, I'd tell you more but, I gotta draw the line somewhere.


Gotta Draw The Line Somewhere




I love you to the moon and back

And I picture it in my mind

The thread of moonlight I ride back

Represented by a line


Gotta draw the line somewhere


Oh, alright

To the sun and back

I hold the pen

And since you’ve  asked

I have the power to extend

The line to there



I gotta draw the line somewhere


Since I hold the pen

That draws the line

And with imaginary hand

Inside my mind

It’s up to me, I think

To determine whether

I’ve got enough ink

And though it seems

A bit perverse

I’ll extend it ‘round

The universe…


But no,

You’ve put things in reverse

You’ve crossed all lines

And now you’re terse

“No lines between us!”

You declare

So since you are with me

Since you’re here

I draw us into

Our own little sphere


Now joined for all eternity

Bound by the line

‘Round you and me

But it ends there

‘Cause in my mind

I had to draw it

Had to draw the line

I had to draw the line somewhere…


Gotta draw the line somewhere